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Again they use the SAME program model as Straight Inc. Behavior Modification has one goal, to change your child into someone else via intensive brainwashing. Since when does anyone have the right to steal someone's identity and replace it with what they think is best. A parent does not own their child, they are a guardian not a master. Do the right thing!Believe me, abuse in a facility like Straight will do far more damage than recreational drug use, FAR more!These aren't compassionate rehabs, they are behavior modification facilities. The same "program model" that was used in Straight Inc.

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In a very real sense, all the wheels in the world couldn't do very much without tires or maybe tracked treads, but that's neither here nor there. Tire manufacturers are pretty smart people engineers, designers, and the like and they figured out that they could save a lot of people a lot of hassle by putting some information directly on the sidewall of every tire. In Tire Tech 101 the first of our series on tires we'll give a tour of some of the most important bits of information that you can find on your tires, and what it all means. If there's a "P" appended to the beginning of the information, this simply designates its a passenger car tire. If there's no "P" at the beginning, the tire is simply engineered to different standards. The standards are set by two organizations: the TandRA The Tire and Rim Association and the ETRTO European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization. The next number "235" in this case measures the tire section width, in millimeters: the distance from sidewall to sidewall. Each tire is measured to specific rim width, and because rim width is often measured in inches here in the U. S. , it's helpful to convert millimeters to inches. Divide the millimeters by 25.

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The spectacle of the other. In M. Wetherell, S. Taylor and S. Yates Eds. , Discourse Theory and Practice pp. 324 344. London: Sage. Wodak, R, and Meyer, M. 2009. Critical discourse analysis: History, agenda, theory and methodology pp.

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Everything on this sight has a comment from a doctor or nutritionist to say it is no good. So what do you take?One article says a product is good another says it is bad?The doctors do not know. What is the answer?I share your frustration!I feel the same way!The doctors tell you to take Boniva or Actonel, et cetera. Then you read about all these horrible side effects that people have gone through. I'm scared to death to even try them!I just think the natural and holistic approaches have got be the better answer. Guess we have to read what the physicians and experts have to say and then make a decision and go for it. for me, I'm siding with the natural approaches. I really appreciate everyone's input on this site. Hello all,I am currently now second month using the Bone Grow system as well for my Osteoporosis I couldn't stomach the idea of yet another prescription after Chemotherapy, Breast Reconstruction, etc. After researching Actonel, Boniva there is no way I am going to take that poison!I read that the guarantee requires a WHOLE BODY DEXA scan before starting and another one after being on the supplement. Has anyone here ever had a whole body DEXA?Isn't that something that most doctors would not order to diagonse osteoporosis?What does the equipment look like, and is it different from the equipment that is used to scan the femur and lumbar spine?What would a person have to go through to get two whole body scans?Would any insurance pay for such a scan to diagonse osteoporosis?How much would the whole body scan cost?Why doesn't Jordan Rubin's company Garden of Life accept the typical two location scan for their guarantee?Have the MD proponents of strontium conducted research to determine a reliable conversion factor to correct for the falsely increased density reading given by DEXA due to the presence of supplemental strontium in the bones?Does Garden of Life instruct customers that a certain percentage of apparent density gain shown by DEXA will be an artifact of the scan and not actual bone density increase?Do they tell customers that their second scan will have to show a density increase that is above this amount in order for the product to have increased bone density?Most importantly, how much income does the company's marketing team project from this DEXA advertising technique, compared to the projected loss due to a few customers actually obtaining and submitting two full body DEXA scans in which there is zero density increase in the second scan, or, more fairly, no increase above the false increase that is shown on a second scan due to the new presence of strontium in the bones?Before readers assume that I am against the use of strontium, I do use strontium citrate and wish that there would be a conversion factor to adjust the scan results.

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In any industry it is pertinent that standards are adhered to. It is important to note that there is a difference between ANSI class ratings pressure class and standard classes. A valves pressure class refers to a specific pressure and temperature class that is crucial when choosing the correct valve for your system. It is common for valves to fall into different ANSI pressure classes such as ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900 or even higher. Below is an informative chart from ValveMan. com that explains the temperature and allowable non shock pressure ratings needed for products to observe the ANSI class from the American National Standard Institute B 16. 5 1988:The American National Standards Institutes class standards for valves include details on testing, repairs, dimensions and other important issues. Some prevalent ANSI valves include the following:When discussing types of ANSI flanges, you will most likely come across the most popular standard, ANSI class 150. ANSI class 150 refers to the dimensional standards for weld neck, threaded, slip on, lap joint, socket weld and blind flanges. These dimensions refer to facing and also include bolts and studs. This standard is specifically significant because it directly calls out certain characteristics of flanges including wall thickness, diameter, length and weight.

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