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Take 1/4th teaspoon with 1 teasoon honey for 50 days. 8. Eating freshly crushed raw garlic 3 4 grams a day lowers blood sugar. You can wash it down with a glass of water. 9. Neem seeds daily 2 times a pinch.

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When giving chemotherapy all the normal cells are exposed to carcinogens which can lead to new primary tumour formation. I know of case where people have been treated with chemo for cancer, that have developed leukaemia 6 months later. Having said that cancer is not a fungus, it is sometimes useful to view cancer as fungus since it can be treated with antifungal agents such as salvestrols or ketoconazole. What makes the tumour behave like a fungus is the expression of the cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP1B1. These CYP enzymes are also expressed by fungus which use then to break down their food. When the fungus metabolises salvestrols the CYP enzymes activate the salvestrol to an antimitotic meatbolite that kills the fungal cells. Likewise in tumours it is the CYP1B1 that activates the salvestrols to the same metabolite that destroy the tumour cell. The liver contains the most CYP enzymes which are necessary for digestion and metabolism of food molecules. However, if one says that cancer is a fungus then the whole liver is a fungus, which is clearly not the case. The first stage of salvestrol metabolism occurs in the liver by another CYP enzyme CYP1A2 which converts the alpha salvestrols to the beta salvestrols ready for delivery to the tumour, so the organs of the body cooperate to deliver salvetrsols to the tumours. All maliganant cells express the CYP1B1 enzyme so salvestrols will work against many different types of tumour.

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Not respecting that will inherently have a major chance of closing our schools. Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd,racist or sexually oriented language. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Don't Threaten. Threats of harming anotherperson will not be tolerated. Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyoneor anything. Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of ismthat is degrading to another person. Be Proactive.

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I also brought in some real pumpkins and gourds as well. Oct 26 2018 There 39 s an artist inside all of us. Thanks talented teachers your fall and Thanksgiving ideas are great Fall and turkey go together hand in hand so this not so little birdie makes a perfect crafting subject right about now. I am a National Board Certified teacher and have been teaching 23 years. So pretty I Fall the most but these winter activities are super cute too 42 Stunning Leaf Crafts for Kids to Make Sep 09 2013 We have tons of super clever and unique ideas to fill your month of October and November with fun crafts for kids. Or create leaf stencil art by laying a leaf down on a piece of paper and painting over the edge of it onto the paper Another idea place paper over the top of a leaf and The 1st MONDAY of OCTOBER Is Child Health Day. Over the years I have built up a collection of fall decorations artificial leaves pumpkins and gourds. I was able to contact Santa and ask him for a little favor. Simple Christmas crafts require only little effort and have easy to follow steps they are great for preschoolers. The variety of math worksheets ensures that you are able to differentiate the math activities and meet the needs of all students in the 1st grade. The AudioEye Help Desk to report nbsp Autumn crafts coloring pages songs poems worksheets and other activities for preschool kindergarten and gradeschool kids.

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