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In order for a person to write in academic form, time, effort and money are invested in carrying out certain experiments or research concerning the field being discussed to use as evidence to support the claim. Also, citations are usually used as they have a powerful influence on the audience and tend to impel them towards believing the writer's claim. On the other hand, non academic writing, also referred to as personal writing, can be written by anyone at anytime as they are usually personal, emotional and impressionistic. It could discuss a person's opinion or point of view on a certain matter. Academic and non academic writing share a few similarities; however, their differences exceed the ways in which they are alike. Although Frehse uses many quotation in ''Manage Your Own Career'', it is considered non academic whereas Tyson's ''Working With Groups'' is academic as he uses scientific evidence to support his claim.

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Some researchers have used blended theoretical perspectives, combining constructivism or social constructivism and other perspectives, such as collaborative learning Collopy and Arnold, 2010; H. Lin, 2008, experiential learning Compton, Davis, and Correia, 2010, and learning communities Gao, 2010; Yeh, 2010. Collopy and Arnold 2010 organized online course work by incorporating social experience through cooperative learning. Through teamwork, teacher candidates interacted and learned from each other. H. Lin 2008 redesigned a course and used three online modules for focusing on technology integration. From students feedback, she found that online activities, as well as face to face activities, supported collaborative learning. Compton et al. 2010 aimed to connect teacher candidates early field experiences to their teaching experiences. They found that experiential learning helped teacher candidates to reflect and analyze their field experiences and compare their personal histories with new information gathered during the field experiences p. 315.

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, K. Rathinam, C. Seshadri. Anticoagulant activity of plumbagin. India J. Exp. Cell Res. 298, 285 295. 46. Y. G.

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In CLL, a learner presents a message in L1 to the knower. The message is translated into L2 by the knower. The learner then repeats the message in L2, addressing it to another learner with whom he or she wishes to communicate. CLL learners are encouraged to attend to the overhears they experience between other learners and their knowers. The Community Language Learning Method takes its principles from the more general Counseling Learning approach. There are some main principles of Community Language Learning Method:2 Any new learning experience can be threatening. Students feel more secure when they have an idea of what will happen in each activity. People learn non defensively when they feel secure. 3 The superior knowledge and power of the teacher can be threatening. If the teacher does not remain in the front of the classroom, the threat is reduced and the students learning is facilitated. 5 Teacher and students are whole persons.

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