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The representatives of the entities that are part of the Transparency and Social Control Branch shall perform their duties for a period of five years, shall benefit from immunity from prosecution in the National Court and shall be subject to impeachment by the National Assembly. In the event this impeachment occurs, with the ensuing removal from office, a new process to designate the representative shall take place. In no case can the Legislative Branch designate the respective replacement. Its supreme authorities must be Ecuadorian nationals who are in possession of their political rights and shall be selected by means of a competitive and merit based examination with the submittal of candidacies, subject to citizen oversight and challenge. Article 206. The standing representatives of the entities of the Transparency and Social Control Branch shall establish a coordination body and shall choose, from among themselves every year, the Chair of the Branch. The following shall be the attributions and duties of the coordination body, in addition to those provided for by law:1. To draw up public policies for transparency, monitoring, accountability, promotion of public participation and the fight against corruption. 2. To coordinate the plan of action of the entities of the Branch, without undermining their autonomy. 3.

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W. K. Chung, andQ. X. Sang 2013 The anti inflammatory role ofendometase/matrilysin 2 in human prostate cancer cells, J. Cancer. 3, 269 284. Epub 2012 Jun 21. 90. S. M.

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5 million starts and the 2005 high of 2. 068 million. However, all bets are off if rising rates come with higher oil prices, terrorist attacks and geopolitical events that affect the domestic or global economy. As companies fret over the market selloff and uncertain economy, a surging number of firms are turning to spinoffs to boost shareholder value. Aluminum maker Alcoa Inc. AA this week became the latest to announce plans to split into two separate companies.

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