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You may be asked to discuss the roles and do a role play in groups or individually. You are a significant customer, one that all your liquor distributors want to have because you have a four star brand name. All the sales reps want to add your hotel chain to their client list. Thats why you split the business between several reps. You feel like that provides your business the best service and keeps all the reps on their toes. You like it when sales reps spend time talking with you and demonstrate that they care about the business.

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But he happens to be electrical engineering professor who possibly cannot be quoted on the right approach to a clinical trial!His expertise seems to be bio medical devices / manufacturing etc. The professor in the deptt of electrical engineering who studied electrical flow patterns in submersible pumps and tyres. A PhD he is and with zero prejudice to his craft, how is he an expert on medicine and drugs. Don't they pass out of medical colleges and not engineering onesThis is a really good thread. Essentially, Biocon seems to have admitted that they didn't have a pre defined sample size, and would have continued recruiting people until they got favourable results. jsJkjNwogThe Simon two stage design is an accepted study design for phase 2, but is a single arm not randomized study with an early look at data for a go/no go decision, based on a signal of activity. Nowhere meant to be definitive for efficacy. GgmTnxJust want to put this out there for more discerning readers not easily swayed by @Bioconlimited hype on Itolizumab. two huge issues with their pivotal trial. First a very small sample size of 21 Rx arm and 10 control arm is underpowered to detect any significant effect size. 1/3That will be all.

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Try dipping veggies in vinaigrette instead of pouring it on. You use much less that way. Take smaller portions of food. Eat slowly give your stomach a chance to digest what you have eaten before you overload it. Foods with a low Glycemic index should be a part of a healthy eating plan, but there are other considerations for type II diabetics such as regulating meal times, limiting glucose intake, increasing fibre and reducing fat intake. Understanding Glycemic index can help control glucose levels and cholesterol levels which will go a long way in promoting overall good health. Stress plays a big part in triggering or aggravating all major illnesses; including cardiovascular problems, strokes and also, diabetes. Researchers have determined that work related stress is linked to many metabolic syndromes including high cholesterol and triglycerides and high blood pressure. Thus, to prevent diabetes, you should think about reducing the level of stress. A study was recently conducted that included over 10,000 men and women between the ages of 35 55 years old. The study aims to prove that there is a link between work related stress and metabolic problems.

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The police officers first question is likely to be whether you know why he pulled you over. When you stare at him with a puzzled look and say no, he will explain and ask you for your drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance. If your paperwork is not in order, you will likely face criminal charges and possible arrest. If it is, the encounter will most likely end with a traffic ticket. Maybe two or three. Each will cost you hundreds of dollars in fines, fees, and surcharges, in addition to driving up your insurance rates because any traffic violations add demerits to your license. You could hire a lawyer and challenge the ticket in court. But the lawyer will cost you far more than just paying the ticket. Besides, if you do challenge the ticket, it may come down to your word against that of the police officer, a city employee. That city council is responsible for raising money to continue paying the salaries of city employees, including their own, the judges and the police officers. If you beat the ticket, the city gets no money.

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