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that day with what Rauschenbach at the time called a presumptive positive, so with an abundance of caution the district opted to close the school while awaiting the test result. The district has since adapted its closure guidelines to include a scenario for a presumptive positive as the DOH does not get involved in decisions until an actual positive case is confirmed. At the school board meeting Oct. 19, board member Robert Klein asked what impact alumni returning home from college later in the year might have locally. Rauschenbach said that would have to be addressed with the community. Those students, especially those who have siblings in Scarsdale schools, are likely coming from among the more than 40 states on New York States quarantine list, and therefore, they would be required to quarantine and encouraged to get tested.

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Phenomenology5. 4 Reference to Literature Review I: Conceptual Grounding5. 5 Simmels AutonomyHuman behaviour is one of the most interesting topics to be studied, but also one of the most complex. But who would not be relieved if he would know the reason why humans sometimes behave as they do?Especially in the field of tourism, a domain of intense human interaction, where offering services is the core activity of most businesses, it would be quite favourable to predict how potential customers or business partners do react; or if the extensive marketing spending has the desired impact. Consequently, this work focuses on the topic of human motivation, particularly on the motivation of travelling behaviour, drawing attention to a field that is as diverse as the ways it can be approached. Tourism researchers usually refer to an established set of theories and models to describe motivated behaviour, of which Maslows Hierarchy of Needs probably is the most renowned. But considering its year of publication, it is remarkable that there is no established contemporary approach to behavioural research. Accordingly, the objective of this work is to develop a theoretical model relating the variety of leisure travel elements to as few as possible underlying motivations, being responsible for thriving one of the biggest industrial sectors of the world. Research was carried out by undertaking in depth interviews in the context of grounded theory methodologies, investigating the travel behaviour, experiences and motives of a small sample, detecting relations and dependencies, and drawing according conclusions. Based on the analysed data a theoretical model emerged, defining the motivation for any leisure travel activities as psychological escape, an instinctive reflex to a temporary dissatisfaction caused by a variety of influences. Keywords: grounded theory, leisure travel, motivated behaviour, psychological escape, tourism motivation, travel behaviour, travel motivationThe author of this work has to admit that he always harboured a profound interest in the way humans behave and what their motivations are.

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The Westchester Department of Health has determined that those students and staff members in the cafeteria will need to quarantine for 14 days. Siblings of those students, who are contacts of contacts, are not required to quarantine themselves. According to the email, the DOH believes the risk for transmission is low due to the safeguards that were put into place but issued the quarantine to ensure there is no further infection from this gathering, and aimed to contact all present within 48 hours. The good news was that the positive individual had not been on a Scarsdale campus for the previous two weeks. From a school community standpoint and a school building spread standpoint there is no chance of further spread beyond the Saturday of the PSAT, Rauschenbach said at a board of education meeting on Oct. 19. To stay updated on articles about Enfield and Tolland, follow Abigail Brone on Twitter: @AbigailBrone, and Facebook: Abigail Brone. Abigail covers the towns of Enfield and Windsor. Abigail joined the JI in Aug. 2020. She most recently graduated from Columbia University with a master's in journalism, and earned her bachelor's from UConn.

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