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Over time, this hypothesis has led to a proliferation of expansive civic lawns, punctuated by a few trees and playing fields. However, these savannah like parks are actually the least beneficial for the brain. In a recent paper, Richard Fuller, an ecologist at the University of Queensland, demonstrated that the psychological benefits of green space are closely linked to the diversity of its plant life. When a city park has a larger variety of trees, subjects that spend time in the park score higher on various measures of psychological well being, at least when compared with less biodiverse parks. "We worry a lot about the effects of urbanization on other species," Fuller says. "But we're also affected by it.

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If you believe in this saying, you most likely use your talent to make a difference in your community. Fortunately, there are artists who have the heart to organize with other artists for a cause. The cause could be anything from promoting health and supporting children to preserving the environment. Whatever the cause may be, the important thing is that artists are encouraged to express talents not just for the own satisfaction but also for the benefit of the community. With such an organization, there is a chance for change and awareness that makes the world a better place to live. One organization that gathers artists for a cause is Artful Change. This organization includes a group of environmental artists, whose main goal is to deal with environmental issues. The activities of the Artful Change are geared towards environmental awareness, preservation, and the creation of green and clean environment. With such goals in mind, environmental artists can express their talents and use their talents to help make the environment clean and green. Their talents could be in music, performing arts, visual arts, graphics, literature, and many others. With such varied talents available, the preservation of the environment for the next generation would surely be possible.

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They rarely go to trial, where conflicts in police testimony are exposed and questioned. So police know their version of events will almost never be challenged. That is particularly true in misdemeanor cases, since hiring a lawyer can cost thousands of dollars, and the penalties for conviction are usually only a few hundred dollars. Most people simply plead guilty. When a case does go to trial and inconsistencies are exposed, there is also pressure on city court judges to find a way to make the police version plausible, Dorfman said. Ruling that a police officer lied on the stand triggers severe consequences.

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Acetone is an organic solution often used on the skin. At the end of 18 weeks, the three groups of mice were killed, and the level of skin tumor formation was analyzed. Conney said mice in all three groups developed malignant skin tumors, called squamous cell carcinomas, but the number of tumors per mouse was reduced by 72 percent in those treated with caffeine and by 66 percent among those treated with EGCG, compared to the controls treated only with acetone. The treated mice also had fewer nonmalignant, sunlight related tumors, said Conney. Compared to the control group of mice, the mice treated with caffeine had 44 percent fewer nonmalignant tumors, the EGCG group 55 percent fewer, he said. Conney said that although both compounds were effective in lower tumor risk, caffeine has an advantage because it is chemically more stable than EGCG. Unlike sun screen lotions, which protect against skin cancer by preventing the skin from absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun, the caffeine's cancer protection works in the cells after exposure to the ultraviolet rays. Rays from the sun can cause genetic changes in the skin that can lead to skin cancer. Conney said caffeine apparently blocks this action by causing abnormal cells to kill themselves, a type of programed cell suicide that prevents development of abnormal growths. "This is not a sunscreening effect," said Conney. "It is a biological effect.

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2 million incoming travellers in 2004 figure 1. Source: World Tourism Organisation UNWTO, 2005, Online available at: TA purpose04. pdf, last accessed on July 26th, 2009Therefore the guiding research question of this work can be stated as: What are the underlying motives and decisive factors urging humans to leisure travel?To gather rich and descriptive information about this topic, qualitative research was necessary. In contrast to quantitative research, qualitative methods are based on human interactions and emotions, generating a complexity that cannot be described by statistics. This work does not intend to generate data to proof assumptions, it rather intends to find reasons for human behaviour and describe underlying motives for seemingly obvious decisions, based on statements derived from personal in depth interviews. Therefore the aim is not to test a hypothesis, but rather to generate one Corbin and Strauss, 2008, p. 25. This generated hypothesis might be useful for further research in the field of tourist motivation, particularly regarding the process of travel decision making and therefore the prediction of future travel behaviour, potentially leading to more efficient marketing measures, presumably giving hints as to what are the triggers for leisure travel. Working within the topic of tourism and leisure travel, it is necessary to clarify the terms leisure tourism travel and tourist. The World Tourism Organisation 1991 defines tourism generally as follows: Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business or other purposes. The Travel Industry Dictionary 2007 differentiates between tourism as the activity of travel for pleasure and as the industry based on such travel.

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