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Our speaker was Mark McGovern, Town of West Hartford. He talked about the ongoing projects that are taking place around town such as:b. IDEANOMICS has purchased the UCONN site. They are applying for zone changes to the area to accommodate their plans for the area. 2. Eileen Rau gave us an update on the celebrations planned for the 30 year anniversary of the Rotarys campaign to eradicate polio.

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Organized crime including selecting victims to be robbed at a later time, and taking clients to 'out of the way' areas to be mugged are also problems in Vietnam. I live in Hanoi. have been living in Ho Chi Minh for a month now and have to my give my "update" here. VOV Located 12 km from My Tho City of Tien Giang province, Dong Tam Snake Farm is one of the largest snake raising centres in Vietnam, which is preserving specimens of most snake species in the country. Malaria can flare up and kill a person even weeks after their vacation has ended and they back at home. , Continuous conservation efforts by the Government of Vietnam have brought more and more areas under protected status. It is alleged that many cab drivers rip off tourists. 3. The magnificent King Cobra is now officially the worlds largest snake which is venomous. There are also 2,470 species of fish, more than 23,000 species of corals and many species of invertebrates recorded in the wildlife of Vietnam. Commercially usable species are 352 species including 42 listed as precious tree species.

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This is because the HubTool offsets the list and makes it much easier for the reader to follow. Articles should not have extra white space. If there is extra white space in the text or between Text Capsules, it needs to be deleted. If a list of short items creates a long column of white space, consider converting the list to a table. When organizing your articles content, it is best to give each distinct section its own capsule. When you divide a section into multiple capsules e. g. , by putting separate paragraphs into their own capsules, even when they all belong to the same header, you risk having an ad break up the text and interrupt the flow of your article. It is also important to note that using multiple capsules creates small amounts of white space, so breaking up a section into multiple capsules may make it appear as if you are moving on to another topic or section. That said, it is completely fine if you need to break up a section into multiple capsules in order to include a photo or other media within a section. Using subtitles also known as H3s to organize information within Text Capsules is a good way to add shape to the page.

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Why?One reason is folks' basic needs for control recognition and security. Because most people are driven by their egos and their ego needs for control, recognition and security, they often move away from their true and authentic self, from their deeper inner values, and behave in ways that are contrary to do ing and be ing in integrity. So, do you think, feel and believe you live your core values at work, that you show up in integrity in your workplace?Take this self assessment and explore who you are and how you are at work when it comes to integrity. 1. On an integrity scale of 1low to 10high, how would you rate youself with it comes to the following workplace behaviors: a gossiping; b bullying; c viewing or downloading porn; d stealing physical materials; e stealine intellectual capital; f stealing time; g telling the truth; h taking responsibility for your piece of your team's projects; i making excuses; j being direct, open and honest in your communications; k respecting others; l9. Do you respond if others act out of integrity and their actions affect your team, your unit, your department or your organization?At the end of the day, the workday, integrity is all about telling the truth about ourselves, to ourselves. It's all about living this truth. Many of us are quick to judge and criticize others who act out of integrity. But truth be told, and it is all about the truth, many of us are just as prone to separate from our core values and act our of integrity when it's convenient in some way. There are times when you may be turned down for credit and you do not understand why. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report if you have been denied credit because of negative items on your credit report within 60 days of the request for credit, if you are unemployed but looking for work, are on welfare, or believe that your credit report is incorrect because of fraud.

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