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Hillsborough House of Hope offers women leaving jail a residence where they receive job placement and training assistance, life, health, parenting, and literacy skills training to become empowered as parents, worker, lifelong learners, and productive citizens. Over the years, as the program developed and grew, we saw the need to provide housing for some graduates. This led to the acquisition of another house, named after a loyal volunteer who was also a substance abuse counselor at the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, Pat Cook. Today, the Pat Cook House is home to three graduates, offering supportive yet independent living as they continue to transition to their new life, paying rent, holding down jobs and enjoying a clean lifestyle. Hillsborough House of Hope Program Director, Linda Walker has been with the company from the beginning and she is very involved in the day to day of the program. She was recently nominated for the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Directors Community Leadership Award in 2015. The founder Margaret Palmer started visiting the jail system in 1985 and she saw a need. Many of the arrests were for repeated female drug offenses. Margaret Palmer decided that she had to do something to stop the revolving door for these repeat offenders. During her frequent visits, she met, Mrs. Walker while serving a term of incarceration at the county jail.

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PGR students should only be appointed as assessors on Postgraduate exam boards under exceptional circumstances, which must be clearly outlined in the supporting information form. Further policy and guidance on the appointment of PGR Student Assessors, including eligibility criteria, can be found in the Examinations and assessments framework EAF. Note: Any individual employed by the department in a part or full time academic post who also hold a PGR student status must be nominated in the role of 'Assessor PGR' via the EAP Portal and accompanied with the PGR Assessors supporting information form, unless the individual has been issued with the leave to supplicate notice. Note: This section is applicable for appointments of casual employees as Examiners or Assessors to Undergraduate Exam Boards only. The EAP Portal provides information on the RtW status of each appointment. Please refer to the Exam Board Administrator User Manual for further information on RtW statuses. Where an appointment has been indicated in the portal as missing valid RtW information, Exam Board Administrators EBAs must carry out a physical RtW check in advance of any examining work being carried out by the appointee. In exceptional cases, such as External Examiners who are remote to Oxford, RtW checks may be carried out upon first arrival in Oxford, which must be prior to attendance at final exam board meetings. Departments are only required to carry out RtW checks on casual Examiners and Assessors who are appointed to Undergraduate Exam Boards. All RtW information for Examiners and Assessors must be recorded in the University's central CoreHR system to be considered valid. Examiners and Assessors must not carry out any examining work until their appointments have been confirmed in the EAP Portal.

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Write an executive summary. An executive summary is a concise description of what the report contains. Copy important sections from the body of the report and paste them into the executive summary. Include the major findings, analysis and conclusions. According to Custom Papers, a good executive summary allows the reader to understand the basic content of the report without reading the report. Include appendices for references, photographs and bibliographies when appropriate. According to Akri Consulting, the appendix is for detailed support information. Dee Striker has been writing professionally since 2007. Her work has appeared in "The New York Amsterdam News" and several online publications such as Clutch and Get 'Em Girls. Her portfolio includes articles on real estate, love/relationships and politics. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Arts degree in urban planning from the University of Michigan.

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Congress finally appropriated funding for what would become Hubble. The fledgling Hubble program suffered a massive blow in 1986, after the space shuttle Challenger exploded during liftoff, killing seven astronauts. NASA grounded its space fleet in the wake of the tragedy, leaving Hubblewhich depended on the shuttle for its transport and maintenancewithout a ride into orbit. Scientists made good use of the delay by upgrading the sensitivity of the telescopes instruments and refining its ground control software, but the added years of servicing and storage in a high tech clean room sent costs soaring. By the time the space shuttle Discovery finally lifted off in 1990 with Hubble tucked into its cargo bay, the project was seven years behind schedule and more than $1 billion over budget. Upon viewing Hubbles first images in 1990, NASA scientists were devastated to discover that its main focusing mirror had been polished to the wrong specifications. This spherical aberration was minisculeless than 1/50 the width of a strand of human hairyet it was enough to blur many of its photos. In the months that followed, the telescope became something of a national joke, and a Newsweek magazine cover even branded it a $1. 5 Billion Blunder. Redemption for NASA had to wait until December 1993, when a crew of spacewalking astronauts installed an instrument known as COSTAR, which used tiny mirrors to offset the glitch. Hubbles space glasses succeeded in correcting its fuzzy vision, and it soon began transmitting jaw droppingly detailed shots of the cosmos.

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