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28 The support of non religious groups, such as the Labor Council and American Federation of Labor broadened the opposition to the initiative to include civil, as well as religious, liberties. That so many different groups in Washington opposed this initiative is vital to the fact that it did not pass. Not only were different religious groups, both Catholic and Protestant, coming together in opposition to the bill, but there was also a strong voice from other groups that had no religious affiliation. Along with the labor and newspaper groups opposing the initiative, the large cities of Spokane, in eastern Washington, and Tacoma, in western Washington, took stands opposing the measure. Reported the Catholic Northwest Progress in June of 1924, Spokane Citizens are organized to fight Ku Klux Klan Bill. Two thousand workers volunteerwithdrawals come in rapidly.

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Phil. , Ph. D. , EditorTrends in Select Sahitya Akademi Award winning Tamil NovelsWord Order Typology and Its Implication in Translation . Prof. Rajendran SankaravelayuthanDr. K. BakkiyarajGreening the Young Mind: Eco consciousness in Contemporary English Language Fiction for Children and Young Adults in India . Dr. Shobha Ramaswamy, M. A.

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Yet, a disturbing trend exists: for a variety of reasons, certain student populations are severely underrepresented in study abroad programs. Engineering students are a glaring example. study usWhile 22. 6% of the 191,321 students who studied abroad in 2003 2004 were social science majors and 17. 5% were business majors, engineers represented only 2. 9% of the students that studied abroad. Interestingly, from a developmental perspective, engineers could benefit tremendously from an international experience. In first examining the barriers that prevent engineering students from studying abroad in large numbers, then in examining the unique cognitive developmental benefits the experience can afford them, important questions about how study abroad can be employed as a catalyst for student development come into focus. Barriers to Engineering Student Study Abroad In failing to study abroad in large numbers, engineering students forfeit critical opportunities for development. The most commonly cited reason for not pursuing foreign study is that the engineering curriculum's structure makes it very difficult, if not prohibitive. Since many engineering courses must be taken sequentially and are only offered one time per academic year, studying abroad often means committing to a fifth year of study.

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Section 1: The Committee will convene when legitimate allegations of Misconduct in Science are made, in order to hold an inquiry to determine whether an investigation is warranted. The Chair is empowered to convene these meetings as deemed necessary and may meet with Legal Counsel, the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, or other individuals prior to convening the Committee. Section 2: A majority of three voting members shall constitute a quorum. Voting members, including the Chair, shall have the right to vote on all motions and/or resolutions of the Committee. Section 5: Official minutes will be taken by a member of the Dean and Provosts staff at all meetings of the committee. The minutes will be distributed to all members prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Committee and approved or amended at that meeting. Section 6: The deliberations of the Committee and all materials distributed as a part of the work of the Committee including minutes are to be treated as confidential. Section 1: Functions and duties of the Committee, are found under the Misconduct in Science Committee Policy and Procedures. Section 2: The Committee will periodically review the Schools procedures and policies regarding Misconduct in Science, in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs and a representative from the Office of Legal Counsel, and when necessary, develop proposals for amending these procedures or developing new policies. Section 1: Recommendations for amendments or alterations to the Operating Papers shall be presented at special meetings of the Committee. Approval requires a majority vote of the Committee membership.

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