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The Museum here was built in 1899. It has served as a store and a gas station. Were still trying to figure out anything else it might have been. The blank concrete youre standing on is where the gas pumps were. This is where I caught the school bus. Across the street stands the Black Market, an antiques store. But around 1900, the building was smaller and was where the engineers who measured out Sumpter property worked. Next well walk up to the building where their bosses worked. The students then walked north along Mill St to the Sumpter Townsite Syndicate office building discussed and displayed photographically in previous posts Brewing Up Trouble and The Modern Troughs. The attention of the students was called to the wall on the north side of the building, which was built at an acute angle from the front wall rather than at a ninety degree angle. We know this building was built after the railroad arrived in Sumpter in 1896.

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Here, we review known mechanisms of viral lipid membrane disruption by widely available dental mouthwash components that include ethanol, chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, and povidone iodine. We also assess existing formulations for their potential ability to disrupt the SARS CoV 2 lipid envelope, based on their concentrations of these agents, and conclude that several deserve clinical evaluation. We highlight that already published research on other enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses, directly supports the idea that oral rinsing should be considered as a potential way to reduce transmission of SARS CoV 2. Research to test this could include evaluating existing or specifically tailored new formulations in well designed viral inactivation assays, then in clinical trials. Population based interventions could be undertaken with available mouthwashes, with active monitoring of outcome to determine efficacy. This is an under researched area of major clinical need. In common with many viruses, such as influenza and herpes simplex, coronaviruses are surrounded by a fatty layer, called a lipid envelope, into which the spike glycoproteins required for infection are inserted Figure 1. Viral envelopes are acquired at host cell membranessome at the plasma membrane, others at internal cell membranes such as the nuclear membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi complex. 3,4 During this, viral proteins are incorporated at the expense of host cell proteins, creating the shed viral particle. 5 Thus, for most viruses, the envelope lipids are considered to be the same as the host membranes phospholipids, sphingolipids, and some cholesterol. Lipid composition is not the same across subcellular membranes with mammalian plasma membranes having higher cholesterol and sphingolipid content.

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The result had several consequences: The Mahanists and falcons saw the dream of a very large fleet fo the Pacific and another in the Atlantic, able to cope with any potential threat in both areas, faded away. Concrete result was the scrapping of the whole pre dreadnought fleet but the Mississipi class, sold to Greece and the first three dreadnought battleships classes But USS Utah of the Florida class. Indeed there were two areas of tolerances not to scrap a battleship: Disarmed, with the armour partially scrapped, and converted in any role, from depot ship to naval barracks, training vessel, or target ship. The second option, chosen by most navies, was the conversion as an aircraft carrier. The option was followed by the USN for the two most advanced ships of the Lexington battlecruiser class see later. Another self inflicted limitation by Article XIX of the Treaty concerning Britain, Japan, and the United States forbade new fortifications or naval bases in the Pacific Ocean. It was seen essentially as a conciliation gesture for Japan, but did not stopped the USN to improve existing fortifications, in the case of the Philippines, former Spanish fortifications. One famous example was the Concrete battleship of El Fraile Island near Manila. The overall consequence of USN Battleship design was a pause, allowing to concentrate on other aspects instead, like cruiser, destroyer, submarine and aircraft carrier design and operation. There were limited modernizations however, more so after the crash of wall street, but nothing on the scope of the New Mexico class until WW2. There were little examples to draw inspiration from for USN engineers, but the Hood, and the Nelson class which were exceptions to the treaty.

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Since the wind energy cannot be relied upon, the water in theboiler must remain capable of producing steam to drive thegenerators at any time. There are little if any reductions incarbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions produced by theconventional generators. This explanation was written by Frank Congel, a former seniorstaff member of the U. S. Atomic Energy commission and NuclearRegulatory Commission. This is a space for civil feedback and conversation. A fewguidelines: 1. be kind and courteous. 2. no hate speech orbullying. 3.

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