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An understanding of and appreciation for the presuppositions of other methods does, indeed, provide a more balanced perspective and a capacity for more meaningful dialogue with those who believe differently. Although our goal is always to understand the meaning of biblical texts we make egregious mistakes if we fail to interpret a passage before gaining a clear and objective sense of what a given passage actually "says" and whether or not it actually "means" what it says. Because the Bible text may not mean what it seems to say due to the ambiguity of language, it is important that we resist the impulse to conjecture about the text's meaning until after careful study. The exegete must first discover the language conventions, syntactical meanings, and dennotative and connotative implications. This requires a study of word definitions and their relationship to one another which facilitates the possibility of accurately coming to the original meaning the author intended to convey. And examination of the historical cultural conditions is also important for it provides us with information about the text's authorship, dating, place of origin, occasion and purpose for writing, and the milieu in which the author wrote. Clearly, this type of information would greatly enhance our understanding and respect of the text's significance. Any periscope chosen for study is also part of a larger collection of material, and the position it occupies in that collection provides us with a broader framework for comprehending what the passage may have meant originally both to its author and the community for which the writer wrote. Therefore, it is vital that we consider the relationship of the given text to the whole body of the writer's work in general and study the material that immediately precedes and follows the passage in particular. The literary context of a passage helps to focus the text for us and may provide us with significant clues for its interpretation. I'm certain that the problems we encounter in Scripture are directly related to our lack of understanding of the words, ideas and concepts presented in it.

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I am here because of injuries received to my body by a police officer, Green wrote on stationery stamped with wish on a star at the bottom of each page. I am suffering with pain and at night I can hardly sleep since this incident occurred. Many Baltimoreans who reached similar settlements declined to be interviewed about the alleged police misconduct with good reason. A clause in the citys agreements prohibits any public statement about the incident that triggered the lawsuit. Limitations on public statements shall include a prohibition in discussing any facts or allegations with the news media except to say the lawsuit has been settled, it states. That amount is negotiated in each case, depending on the severity of the allegations, said David Ralph, deputy city solicitor. The amount of money involved is shielded from the public because the clause might never be triggered, he said, adding that in 99. 9 percent of the cases its never an issue. Such non disparagement clauses are common in legal settlements, he noted. We dont want to pay taxpayers money and then have people saying things that they couldnt say in court. Some facts are hotly disputed.

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At times I get so stressed to the point that after class and homework I still cant stop working or studying because I feel like Im slacking. I have spent many nights and early mornings with my face in a book. Stress is a common occurance in colleges all over the world. Daily, students have to deal with multiple classes that take up hours of their spare time and much of their focus. Going in to college, most students are aware of how strenuous college work can be, but have they really prepared themselves?One assignment weighted appropriately could determine whether a student passes or fails the class. That magnitude of stress is most likely what students are facing as they near the end of their semesters. I think I gave my all but in one of my classes I could have done better. I could have read the chapter a little more. I feel like I have been starting to slack because spring break is a week away, said Berry. Since stress is a common experience, many may not know when it elevates to a more serious level. Sleeping problems, changes in eating habits, headaches and sickness, and losing control of time are all signs of a more serious stress problem.

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Will they have to abandon Islam to be accepted?And what exactly does it mean to be Muslim here today?In more than 30 interviews, the Citizen found a community both bound and fractured by unprecedented stresses: faith torn between modernism and tradition; immigrants caught between their old culture and this one; women deciding for themselves what it means to be Muslim, with or without a hijab. Some parents fear their Canadian born children will abandon Islam, others that their children, especially boys, might get alarmingly zealous. Since Canadas earliest days, immigrants have struggled for acceptance. Irish, Polish, and Vietnamese were all scorned in their day, and now each makes up a bright piece of the multicultural mosaic. However, the terrorist attacks on New York Citys World Trade Center halted that process for Muslims. Like a cue ball breaking apart a rack, Sept. 11 sent their communities spinning in every direction. Eight years later, the war on terror and its attendant security measures mean Muslims are constantly scrutinized, stopped at borders, and passed over for jobs. In all our interviews, a frustrated refrain emerged: When will we belong? Underlying that was a tougher question: How will we get there?On a humid night in June, Azhar Ali Khan looked down with pleasure on the 30 or so men and women assembled in the sweltering basement of the main mosque on Ottawas Northwestern Avenue. He had been friendly but relentless in working the phones, and it had paid off. More than two dozen Muslim groups had come together to talk over something that had never come easily: co operation.

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