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"I'm not sure if I can help at all," she said hesitantly. "The Bones Family is just a Noble one, not Ancient and Noble. And it's different for us. We don't have the choice you do. We were born into this, and it's always been our obligation. You have the ability to decide whether or not you want this.

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As a pastoral counselor, I apply conviction in my judgments and have empathy for others. My discernment and spiritual approaches help me to transform minds from negative to positive and from unhappy to happy with unique identity and practices. The goals of my therapeutic alliances are to recognize the inseparability of theological and psychological practices in our common humanity with God's representation. My spiritual growth is also related to my quest for understanding. I have developed the ability to use what is known to help others use what they know by supporting them in recognizing God's presence in the process of change. Woskett cites Eagan's 2006 skilled helper model of problem management and approach that applies an integrative framework to ones thinking. My spiritual quest guides my approach that it is necessary to understand problems before trying to change them. I also apply counseling approaches such as prayer, dialogue, the cognitive approach, the psychological focus and religious insights that enable functioning with focuses on spiritual, emotional, psychological, and acceptance of God's grace. In application to self management, spirituality may mean being involved with organized religion, taking time to contemplate ones place in the ultimate order of things or focusing on the things that give life meaning, such as one's family or social groups. A well developed self concept can be seen as part of the journey to become whole. All the practices of efforts to know myself, my thinking, acting, reflecting, and practices of meditation are ways to develop positive thinking about spirituality.

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