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Butdepending on the occupation there were nine others it could have beencalled the Moon, Venus, Jupiter or Saturn effect. There was no effectfor the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, or for ordinary peoplesuch as those who visit astrologers. Planetary effects among eminentprofessionals have so far replicated across a total of 34 out of 35studies, of which 8 are by independent researchers. Gauquelin's negativeresults upset astrologers, who found them hard to explain, and hispositive results upset skeptics, who found them equally hard to explain. The outcome was 45 years of attack from both sides and a legacy ofbaffling puzzles for both astrology and science. Includes theGauquelins' own account of how it all started, a non technical accountof his approach and results including negative results, nine tributesafter his death, a bibliography of main works, and nine historicphotographs. Part 2 a separate article takes up the crucial topics ofartifacts and how the baffling puzzles might be explained. The following historical account of the work and findings of theGauquelins is based on their many books and articles, and on 15 years ofpersonal correspondence and meetings. Even if you are familiar withtheir work you may find much of interest. Here "Gauquelin" means MichelGauquelin 1928 1991 and "the Gauquelins" means Michel and Francoise,his Swiss born wife 1929 2007 and co worker until 1985. Appendicesgive their accounts of how it all started, his experimental approach,his early negative findings, and excerpts from tributes afterGauquelin's death.

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The eephus pitch is a looping pitch that enters around 50 60 mph along with goal will be always to surprise the hitter locate a cheap strike. Occasion most used often in China. The change up. A devastating pitch any time a pitcher rrs known for a good fastball, the change up appears to be a fastball and dies a bit more it reaches the eating plan. There are several variations among the change up, and also the most common one to throw will be the circle correct. What to eat in its vacations in florida.

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The section above was excerpted from a large article on Asian philosophy, seehe I Ching characterizes an individuals present circumstances specific to the question burning in the seekers mind with an image made of six stacked horizontal lines: the hexagram. The lines can be of two types: strong solid or weak broken, a line with a break blank space in the middle. Given these two types of line, it is possible to form 64 different hexagrams. The hexagram is an image that appears naturally and spontaneously out of the the same present reality that is expressing you along with the particular quandary that is occupying your mind. Hence, by analyzing that hexagram as a generalized abstraction of your present, you might find a helpful change of perspective that could lead you to adopt new attitudes and take new actions, which would resolve the concern in your mind. So, that is the essential value of the I Ching: it can surprise you with a shift of perspective that comes out of your own mind as it ponders the dynamics of your own living.

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