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To convene a referendum in those cases and with those requirements provided for in the Constitution. 15. To convene the National Assembly for special sessions, identifying the specific matters that will be dealt with. 16. To exercise the supreme authority for the Armed Forces and the National Police Force and designate the members of the high command of the armed and police forces. 17.

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Needless to say, he didn't leave until very late that night!Several weeks later, I was very pleased to finally meet William Meacham, whose two excellent Shroud papers appear on the "Scientific Papers and Articles" page of this website. Meeting Bill, who lives and works in Hong Kong, is a perfect example of the power the Internet has to bring people together over long distances. After a year or more of e mail correspondence, we finally met in person when he visited his home here in the U. S. I feel very privileged to have such honored guests and wanted to share their visits with you, the viewers of this website. It also gives me another opportunity to thank you all for your continued participation and support. Two scientific papers originally presented in May at the Nice Symposium are currently being prepared for the next update of this site. That will bring the number of papers on this website from that important Shroud meeting to seven. I also have another six or seven scientific papers from other researchers waiting in the wings. Also coming is information on a newly released Shroud CD Rom, additional books for the "Shroud Booklist" page, an update from Italy on the 1998 Exhibition, updates to the "Research Registry" page and much more. As you can see, there is much on the horizon.

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In September, Trujillo sent a letter to Newell that threatened the billionaire and his executives with "possible criminal charges" if Valve continued to facilitate "illegal activities. " In a response, a Valve lawyer dismissed the agent's concerns as misplaced, arguing that Valve has "no business relationship" with gambling sites and doesn't "encourage" its customers to use them. But Elijah blames Valve for many of his problems. At rock bottom, he was so hopeless that he called a gambling hotline for help with suicidal thoughts. "Like, I was 16 years old and I couldn't . I lost all this money and I wanted to end my life," he says.

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