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Elsie Fogel to decorate her whole luxury apartment while Mrs. Cassman was living in Florida. When asked how Mrs. Cassman could allow Elsie such freedoms, Cassman plainly said, She knows what I like. The mural, thought to have picked up much of the color theme behind the large blue and silver sofa in the living room was a technique that Elsie employed frequently. Remember the Louis Bar and Fireside Restaurant murals?Divine Theatre, I say.

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Conditions in the existing colonies remained the same if not worse: fields were plowed and sowed pathetically, just for a laugh, or for appearances sake only. For instance, in 1859 the grain yield in several colonies was even smaller than the amount sown. In the new paradigmatic colonies, not only barns were lacking, there was even no overhangs or pens for livestock. The Jewish colonists leased most of their land to others, to local peasants or German colonists. Many asked permission to hire Christians as workers, otherwise threatening to cut back on sowing even further and they were granted such a right, regardless of the size of the actual crop. Of course, there were affluent Jewish farmers among the colonists. Arrival of German colonists was very helpful too as their experience could now be adopted by Jews. And the young generation born there was already more accepting toward agriculture and German experience; they were more convinced in the advantageousness of farming in comparison to their previous life in the congestion and exasperating competition of shtetls and towns. Yet the incomparably larger majority was trying to get away from agriculture. Gradually, inspectors reports became invariably monotonic: What strikes most is the general Jewish dislike for farm work and their regrets about their former artisan occupations, trade, and business; they displayed tireless zeal in any business opportunity, for example, at the very high point of field work they could leave the fields if they discovered that they could profitably buy or sell a horse, an ox, or something else, in the vicinity. a predilection for penny wise trade, demanding, according to their conviction, less work and giving more means for living.

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Living and working under the condition of feast or famine wears academic scientists down and does not encourage the progress of science. Science has good involvements with business and commerce, but basic research itself is not supposed to be a business!Research grants or other financial support are necessary to pay for all the expenses of conducting experiments, but obtaining more and more of that money is not the true goal of scientists!For modern universities, science is a business, and faculty scientists are just a terrific means to increase their profits!There are some other ways besides grants to pay for research expenses see: Is More Money for Science Really Needed?Part II , and, Basic Versus Applied Science: Are There Alternatives to Funding Basic Research by Grants? . It seems to me that new mechanisms for financing science and research at universities in the United States now are badly needed in order to stop the destructive problems caused by the current system see: Could Science and Research Now be Dying? . GOOSE CREEK A man suspected of killing his 14 year old nephew and wounding his own brother in a Thursday night shooting in the Sedgefield subdivision was still at large Friday, authorities said. Donsurvi Chisolm, 30, is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds, said Dan Moon, public information officer for the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. The shooting took place about 10 p. m. at 2 Plainfield Ave. , in a house shared by the suspect and the two victims, Moon said. The 14 year old, Michael Chisolm, was pronounced dead at the scene, Berkeley County Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Salisbury said Friday. Dansa Chisolm flagged down a deputy outside the residence and related what had happened in the house.

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The Eel tail banjo catfish Platystacus cotylephorus by Ingo Seidel uploaded September 13, 2008An extraordinary 'frying pan catfish' with a spectacular secretive strategy for care of its young. The identity of the common bristlenose by Ingo Seidel uploaded August 16, 2008Here the author examines the origins and lookalikes of this commonly encountered but still fully undetermined pleco. The mysteries of the Blue Eyed PlecoPt 1 Panaque cochliodon by Shane Linder uploaded August 02, 2008In part one, Shane delves into what we know about this enigmatic species. On Cephalosilurus nigricaudus and C. apurensis by Wolfgang Ros uploaded July 26, 2008In which the author describes the differences that can be used by the aquarist to identify the former species. Hydroelectric dam constructions in Amazonas by Janne Ekstrm uploaded December 23, 2007A conservation piece looking at the impact of proposed dam constructions in the Amazon basin that suggests what the hobbyist might do about it. Fishkeeping Basics by Rupert Collins uploaded October 08, 2007New to keeping aquariums?Start here!An entry level guide for new hobbyists. The Catfish Basics SeriesPt 9 An Attempt to Spawn On Demand by Adrian Taylor uploaded December 02, 2006Selecting the Peppered Cory, Corydoras paleatus, as an example, the author discusses the basics of captive spawning attempts and his results with a commonly bred "entry level" species. Getting into a sticky situation: methods of adhesion in catfishes by Heok Hee Ng uploaded January 01, 2002This fascinating article describes the various devices employed by fast water catfishes to stay put. Feeding PlecosPt 1 Types of food by Mats Petersson uploaded January 01, 2002The first part of this two part article deals with food preparation and what types of food can be offered. The Proper Way To Condition Plecos by Larry Vires uploaded January 01, 2002It's not all cucumber and lettuce you know the lowdown on what to feed your Plecos.

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