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2. g. , economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, geography and gender studies, Applied Science, Medicine, Education, Forestry and other academic units across campus, including the Sauder School of Business, the Peter A. Allard School of Law, and the School of Community and Regional Planningall of which have important roles to play in addressing contemporary policy issues. The IAR supports individual and collaborative research on a wide range of Asia Pacific policy issues and current affairs, including:Launched by the IAR in 2000, the Master of Arts Asia Pacific Policy Studies MAAPPS was the first graduate program in Canada to focus on contemporary policy issues in Asia and to provide training and research opportunities for Asia Pacific policy professionals. Today, program alumni hold roles in academia, public institutions, private enterprises and non governmental organizations around the world.

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Facilities and equipment used by the chemistry department include a lecture demonstration theatre; a well equipped biochemistry laboratory; modern scientific instrumentation nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, infrared spectrometers, gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer, high pressure liquid chromatograph, scanning electron microscope, Raman microscope, powder and single crystal X ray diffractometers, molecular modeling workstations, etc. ; a data analysis room; special laboratories for general chemistry, organic chemistry, and advanced physical and inorganic chemistry; and research laboratories for collaborative work between students and faculty. The Department of Chemistry provides a flexible, challenging curriculum to accommodate and encourage a diversified approach to the major. Following a core of required courses in general, organic, and physical chemistry, including laboratories, students select advanced courses from several electives. In all chemistry courses, instructors encourage students to think for themselves and work independently. This is accomplished in some classes by having students work at the blackboard in small discussion groups to solve problems. In other courses, students survey chemical literature to make class presentations or write papers to discuss the nature of the work under study. All students are encouraged to participate in research with a faculty member at the first opportunity, which may be as early as the sophomore year. The department uses research not only to foster independence of thought but also as a means of teaching students to teach themselves. Although the emphasis is on educating students, projects explore current areas of research and are often supported by grants. Frequently, projects result in publications coauthored by students and faculty.

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5 in, Barbettes: 13 in, Turrets: 518 in, CT: 11. 5 in, Decks: 3 in, 1. 52 in splinter Armament: 10 x 356 mm, 21 x 127 mm, 2x 76 mm AA, 2 x 533 mm sub TTs. Crew: 864The Pennsylvania class comprised ships dubbed super dreadnought battleships, including the USS Pennsylvania and Arizona. They were the second of the standard BBs with four turrets and the all or nothing armor scheme, brand new when the US entered the First World War in 1917. They represented a step forward with two additional 14 inch 356 mm/45 caliber guns in all triple turrets and better underwater protection. This class was followed by the New Mexico and Tennessee, very close, until the up armed Colorado class. Both battleships saw little service in the First World War, partly because of a shortage of oil fuel in the UK whereas most ships were still using coal. In fact only coal burning USN ships were sent to the European theater. Despite of this, they joined France after the war, escorting the fleet carrying President Wilson for the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. They joined afterwards the Pacific Fleet and were modernized in 1929 1931 like the Nevada and along the same line.

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Trust is directly connected to Love, for you cannot Trust without Love,and you cannot Love without Trusting. This is exactly the same for, "giving" and "forgiving. andquot. Love is the foundation from which we do all things,therefore tis also the power and authority through which we must do all things if we are to live that which we are and let our light so shine. So then, do I trust them to do what they are bound to do,or do I not trust them. To send or not to send, that is the question. Yes, I realize that there are some, perhaps even many,who do not have this perspective of how things are and thus will have a tough time with a thought such as this. However, this is quite all right,and I do not share this with you to task you or to burden your heart,but rather for you to consider, as it is your very right to do so!The way of the Peaceful Warrior will avail much more than the way of a Warrior who is out for vengeance and/or blood. Forgiveness will always heap coals of fire on the head of the one who through willful negligence committed trespasses into our private domain. How can we avoid doing this and still be known as being peaceful upon the land which we have been given to take care of,ready to take command of our own ships,walk on the waters of commerce in competent knowledge,and execute that knowledge in brilliant life empowering wisdom?The world becomes exactly what we make of and therefore exactly what we expect of it. We get coming to us exactly what we put forth.

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