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In our analysis, we have identified three key findings from the categories of social classes regarding income inequality. The continual frustration and anger expressed by the 99%, as seen in the above excerpts, reveal that our jobless economy has caused many to struggle existing at the bottom of the financial ladder. The difficulty of finding a job has impacted the majority and has resulted in a rising gap between the rich and poor. Therefore, the financial struggle of the 99% continues as income inequality widens. We have found that differences and inequalities between social categories are defined by money and economic capital. Through examining the cotext around social categories, the paradigmatic choices surrounding social category labels proved to be about money and income. Economic capital was the main determiner of who belongs to these social categories. The classification of social class has shown the difference across classes by the lack of presentation of the certain categories such as the upper class and the lower class. The inequality between these social classes is often expressed as binary oppositions. The income gap is represented through two social actors, the rich/wealthy and the poor. This generalized social schema reduces the issue of income inequality into only two social groups.

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It is not a small burden to most of the Egyptians who are not rich, so more and more young people started to buy China alloy jewelry instead of pure gold jewelry. The rising price of gold brings great economic pressure to Egyptian woman who loves to wear golden jewelry. China alloy jewelry is more and more popular in Egyptian, because its exquisite shapes are quite similar to real gold, but the price is a tenth of real gold. Thirty one year old Egyptian Amir said that, the reason of China alloy jewelry becomes so popular, because China jewelry is beautiful, cheap, and has many styles to choose, they even look no different to compare with real gold jewelry. Even many wealthy people in Cairo are willing to buy Chinese alloy jewelry. A rich woman says that China's jewelry can make her keep up with fashion trends, also do not need to spend a lot of money. The study was conducted at the English preparatory school of a highly competitive state university in Istanbul, Turkey, in the first term of the 2,004 5 academic year. At the time of the study, there were 923 students at different levels of Englishi. e. advanced, intermediate, and elementary levelsand no EFL teachers, 107 Turks, and 3 native speakers of English. The present professional development programme was initiated at the request of the head of the prep school and took the form of a collaborative effort between the university and prep school to promote teachers' critical thinking, collaboration, and instructional effectiveness through research.

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However, it could be performing even better: it could still reach a higher level of competition and effectiveness necessary to bring in a higher level of revenue. The areas that need to be improved are: scheduling, supply ordering, inventory management, collecting customer information and marketing. Once these areas are improved, and these obstacles Duncombe, Stephen. 2005. The Bobbed Haired Bandit. New York: New York University Press. Stephen Duncombe, an Associate Professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communications at the Gallatin School of New York University, wrote a true story of a dark haired woman in Brooklyn in January 1924. He, teaching politics of media and history wrote The Bobbed Haired Bandit to show snippets of 1924 life from the perspective of the small, dark haired woman robber. The woman wore a fur coat with a beaded dress underneath and as she was about to pay for the eggs and took out an automatic pistol from her coat pocket to rob the grocery store worker. It was here that reader gets to see the scope of not just the story, but also the character. The character and the argument of the book shows how a woman could overcome her circumstances through daring and risky What kind of neighborhood is it in?Lower middle class apartment complexWhat is its structure?Constantly bustling, full of many cultures and ethnicities, although Cuban Americans predominate.

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D. , EditorLanguage Learning and Teaching . Dr. S. D. Sasi Kiran and Dr. A. Sharada, EditorsBuilding A Global Village GV Through Inter Dialogue . Dr. S. D.

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