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We will be looking at tools like MERLOT, Open SUNY, and others. We'll also be providing an overview of Creative Commons licensing. Cant attend?These sessions will be recorded and made available on the LEARNscape Teaching Remotely channel afterwards. LEARNscape is SUNY Empire State Colleges video hosting platform; its like having our own version of YouTube at the college. This webinar will be looking at ways faculty and students can create video content eg. recorded lectures, icebreakers, presentations, upload existing recordings, and share content on LEARNscape to Moodle.

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Jamie Waite, 35, a swimming instructor at a school in Utah, was arrested in March for allegedly having relations with a 17 year old student. Police in Utah arrested the teacher after a tip off from friends of the student who claimed the pair were having a relationship. The teacher's aide, had been the boy's personal academic tutor for several years, before she was arrested in March for having an alleged relationship with him. An arrest report revealed the married mother of two, from Kentucky, was in a compromising position with a 17 year old student from her school in Louisville. Police said the windows of the car were 'steamed up' and both occupants were partially clothed. Gail Gagne, 29, a weight room supervisor at Cretin Derham Hall High School, Minnesota, was sentenced to two years probation in February after having with a then 16 year old student both at her home in Bloomington and at a nearby hotel.

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You will need to be able to show your distributors how they can make money and you will need to coach them until they achieve their financial goals. Some people have mistakenly thought of MLM as primarily a sales business. In many aspects, it is, however MLM works as an effective distribution channel where leaders help their downline to achieve their individual goals. The best MLM ers learn to become exceptional trainers. 5. Giving up your time outside your job. One of the most powerful aspects of MLM is that you can build a business part time while working full time in a job. MLM success comes to those people who make a conscious commitment to work on their business a dedicated number of hours each day and week. You will need to be committed to jealously guarding those precious hours so other life matters do not take over. 6. Become a problem solver.

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Mutations in CIZ1 DYT23, CDKN1A interacting zinc finger protein 1, ANO3 DYT24, Anoctamin 3, encoding a calcium gated chloride channel highly expressed in the striatum, and GNAL DYT25, guanine nucleotide binding protein, alpha activating activity polypeptide, olfactory type, have been identified in families with juvenile adult onset cervical or cranial cervical dystonia and in a few sporadic cases with similar phenotypes Charlesworth et al. , 2012; Xiao et al. , 2012; Fuchs et al. , 2013. In particular, GNAL mutations were detected in additional 6 out of 39 families 15%, suggesting they could represent a major cause of adult onset cranial cervical dystonia PTD. Other AD PTD loci have been described in isolated familial cases. The DYT7 locus was mapped to chromosome 18p in a family with cervical PTD Leube et al. , 1996, but its existence has been recently questioned Winter et al. , 2012. The DYT13 locus was mapped to chromosome 1p36 in an Italian family with juvenile onset dystonia, prominent cranial cervical and arm involvement, and occasional generalization Bentivoglio et al. , 2004 while, in another family with adult onset generalized/multifocal dystonia, often starting with blepharospasm, the DYT21 locus was mapped to 2q14.

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Approximately sixty percent of SSIs could be prevented. The devastation of an SSI to the patient can be catastrophic. The cost to the health care system for treating SSIs can be substantial Ban et al. , 2017. Context: The rate of surgical site infections has been on the increase over the past three years. The concern for the amount of harm affecting our patients was worrisome. The cost of reputation and the bottom line to the organization was recognized by senior leadership. The . Operating Room Nurse To Post Anesthesia Care Unit Nurse Handoff: Implementation Of A Written Sbar Intervention,Erin LongValparaiso UniversityThe lack of standardized handoff from the operating room OR nurse to the post anesthesia care unit PACU nurse may result in the miscommunication or omission of patient information, which increases the risk of patient safety events. The goal of this EBP project was to standardize OR to PACU nurse handoff in order to reduce risks to patient safety. A literature review revealed guidelines for handoff which included implementing a standardized protocol and using a mnemonic phrase.

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