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Campus violence probably has more witnesses, bystanders, etc. than violence in other contexts, said Elana Newman, a University of Tulsa psychology professor who has advised journalists on trauma. It might be useful for journalists to think about all the early signals and signs and people who saw or ignored them early on, she said. Every case has multiple narratives, Newman said. If there are inconsistencies, explain those inconsistencies. Reporters should also bear in mind that trauma can impair a victims memory and that this can be a cause of fragmentary and contradictory accounts. Victims often interact with administrators, counselors and residence hall staff members. Ive always found that the people most willing to talk are these front line staff, said Lombardi, who said she phoned or visited potential sources at home and talked to them on background because of their concerns about student privacy. FERPA restrictions are severe, yet the law allows students to access their own school records. Students at public universities can also sign privacy waivers that would allow reporters to obtain their records, including case files and reports. Moreover, theres a FERPA exception: In assault cases that have reached final disposition and a student has been found responsible, campus authorities can release the name of the student, the violation committed and any sanction imposed.

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Sang 2009 Elevated Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase 26 inMultiple Human Cancer Tissues and Expression in Smooth Muscle Cells. Ai ZhengChinese J. Cancer, 28, 1168 1175. 71. H. I.

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Sang 2008 Role of HumanMesenchymal Stem Cells and Matrix Metalloproteinases in Vascular Wound Healing. Poster number 26, Page 30. First Southeast Stem Cell Consortium, University ofGeorgia, Athens, GA. October 23 24, 2008. 101. Q. X. A. Sang, H. Li, X. Xu, Y.

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